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Beard Culture Lifestyle 

       What is Beard Culture? Beard Culture is a lifestyle and a movement of men’s beards that dates back hundreds of years ago and remains more relevant and stronger than ever today! The beard is not just a fashion statement, but a way of life. It has value in many different cultures throughout the world and historical value in the barbering industry, as the word barber is derived from the Latin word Barba, meaning beard! The men’s beard exudes confidence, strength, wisdom, and masculinity. Beards come in all shapes, sizes, widths and attract tons of attention. Some beards are well manicured and groomed and some are not so much, either way the men’s beard speaks volumes and has morphed into a lifestyle!

        As a professional barber, grooming is everything to me. How an individual presents themselves is important. I personally wear a beard and it is imperative for me to lead by example as a professional that is responsible for the upkeep and grooming of my clients. As a result, Beard Culture products were created. Our brand not only provides custom hats, T-shirts and hoodies, but we also offer a Beard Culture “Better Butter” to enhance your beard experience. The “Better Butter” is a 3 in 1 moisturizer for hair, beards and skin that my wife and I researched and created. It promotes healthy growth, conditions, moisturizes, adds sheen and smells amazing. All of our ingredients are organic and unrefined with absolutely no preservatives or additives. The “Better Butter” feedback has been amazing and what is also unique is that this product is unisex! It comes in 4 oz. containers and is available in four scents (Mango, Vanilla, Baby Powder and Honeysuckle). If you take pride in your beard and are a part of the culture and lifestyle it is absolutely necessary to use the best products available and Beard Culture “Better Butter” is just that!

      Today you see beards everywhere from all walks of life such as; entertainers, athletes, barbers, religious leaders and everyone in between. The culture and the lifestyle is constantly gaining popularity. As a representative I am doing my part to push the culture forward and offer products that are beneficial to the lifestyles.


Ausharra & Tanaka Knox - Owners/Founders

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